Wanting to do voice overs and actually working in voice overs are two different things.

You’ve got the voice, you’ve got your set up to record and perhaps even an agent or two to send you auditions.

What you don’t have is consistent voice over work. Instead you find yourself at a day job (or two) and doubting that you have what it takes to actually voice over your way to this being a full time reality.

You’ve thought about another voice over workshop, a coach, an improv class…

  • You know you need something, but what?

What you need is a personalized VO Jump to help you navigate the new terrain for voice over artists.

Technology has become more user friendly and clients are potentially looking for talent on the internet. To stand out you have to have a solid foundation with auditioning, PLUS be business savvy and know which voice over lane you want to focus on.

“You know that feeling you get when you know someone just “gets” you?  That’s exactly how I felt when I started working with Tina.  Tina’s incredibly intuitive, caring, yet strong New Yorker approach cuts through the bull of self-doubt and over-analyzing with practical tools that lead to an experience of self-trust and authenticity.  The result of the work is a spontaneous and playful space where surprises are common and real magic happens.” Michael Schwengel, Voice Talent

“Thanks to the experience and openness of Tina I was able to get an amazing insight into the business of voiceover. A world that seems impossible to comprehend, now seems possible with some hard work and persistence. Tina was professional but personal, a wonderful combination for any kind of student. I am so fortunate to have been one. I greatly look forward to my next chance to work with Tina!” Katie Adducci, Voice Talent

  • Introducing… The VO Jump

To springboard you in voice overs you need key tools and resources to help you navigate owning your voice, and choosing the right lane for you to focus on.

  • Perfect if you have already begun in voice overs.
  • This 3 week program is ideal for you if you want to get off the audition treadmill and start booking voice over jobs consistently.
  • You want to tell stories, get paid to play and use your voice to bring words to life!
  • Allow me to give you a personalized jump that can help guide you toward truly working in the voice over industry.
  • How Does it Work?

Your pre-questionnaire

Once you register for TVJ you’ll receive a link to complete a short questionnaire. This allows us to be clear and focused during our time together.

Three 60 minute Skype Calls

  • Call 1 – This is all about understanding what you have done up until this point to work within voice-overs.
    • What do you most love about voice overs?
    • What steps have you taken within voice overs toward securing work?
    • What areas of voice overs are you drawn to (commercials; online trainings, e-learning, narration, promos)?
    • We will also spend some time to work on copy! Copy is king. How you interpret copy is crucial.
    • Every session will involve at least 20 to 40 minutes focused on copy.
    • After our first call, you will receive a one-sheet outline suggesting steps to take for the next three months to build your career.
  • Call 2 – We’ll check in to understand what is working within your personalized TVJ as well as any challenges you are facing. We will then dive into copy.
    • Who are you speaking to?
    • How connected are you to the words on the page?
    • Why are you even speaking?
  • Call 3 – Down to business! The third, and final, call is a list of further resources that are personal to you and your growth in voice overs as well as working on copy tailored for you.


  • Let’s get started!

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