5 steps to finding a great coach

What’s that saying? Some girls go through men like they go through socks – daily?

Well, you can’t say that about me and men, but you could certainly say that about me and voiceover coaches.

New York City is absolutely filled with voiceover coaches – some great, some, um, not. But I want you to learn from my mistakes! So, today I’m sharing…

5 steps to find a great voiceover coach

1. Check your expectations

For a long time, I believed that the right coach could give me a key that would open every last door in the voiceover world. The more I chased after that dream, the faster I moved from one coach to the next.

Do your due diligence. Really think about what you hope to get out of your coaching experience. Do you need help with pronunciation? Are you looking to vary your talent? Do you need to sound more excited?

Set some realistic goals for yourself before you start working with anyone.

2. Know that seeing results takes time

Eventually, after all that coach-hopping, it occurred to me that I’d only see real growth if I stuck with one coach for a while. You need to give the coaching time to work. Just like a physical trainer, a voiceover coach can only give you so much. Ultimately, it’s up to you to actually put in the time and work out on your own.

3. Interview coaches before you sign on

It’s tempting to sign on with a coach because they come recommended, they’re friendly, or they’ve worked with peers who have impressive careers. But what’s right for someone else might not be right for you.

Interview potential coaches before you sign up for lessons.

  • A few questions you should ask:
  • How do they approach the work?
  • What are their thoughts about the voiceover industry?
  • Do they think you need a talent agent to get work?

(That last one’s a bit of a trick question! If that’s what they believe, they might be a bit dated or out of touch. Technology has shifted things so much that there are plenty of people booking work solely through the Internet.)

Most importantly, when you’re talking to coaches, notice where you feel chemistry – like dating. Consider if you understand the way they teach. I’ve worked with some Impressive coaches who have a roster of talented voiceover performers, but their style just didn’t resonate with me.

Make sure you really click with your coach. If your styles don’t mesh or you resist everything they recommend, they’re not the right coach for you and they won’t be able to help you grow as a voiceover artist.

4. Practice!

It sounds obvious, but it’s important! If you’re going to shell out the cash to work with a voiceover coach, put in the time, practice, and make the most of the guidance they’re giving you.

Malcolm Gladwell reminds us that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert. You’ll never book gigs if you’re only behind the microphone when you’re auditioning. Put in the time and get behind a mic to practice.

If you don’t have voiceover copy, pull ads from magazines and use them for your copy. My first demo was made up entirely of ads from magazines!

5. Be present

If you’re behind the mic thinking about your grocery list, your coach will know. No one wants to work with someone who’s checked out. When you’re not present, you’re doing yourself a disservice and wasting your own time and money. Allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in your learning.

Bring your mind back to the present and focus on what you’re doing. When you’re present, magic can happen and key learning clicks.

When I finally committed to my education and my voiceover coach, amazing things happened. I booked gigs with AT&T; BNY Mellon and the United Way.

Having these epiphanies and seeing these results has also helped me be the sort of coach that I always wanted. I knew I wanted a similar commitment from my students, which is why I only work with five students at a time. (If you’re interested in seeing if I am able to work with you, drop me a line.)

With a bit of due diligence and some hard work, you can find the voiceover coach who’s right for you and start on the career path you’ve always wanted!

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