A Love Letter to the Challenged Copywriter

To All Copywriters Far and Wide,
A letter to say “thank you!”

To appreciate all of the hard work and tireless hours you spend in writing words that connect, alliterate and convey a deeper meaning off the screen into audience’s hearts.

Everyone can think of a scene from an advertisement that reminds the viewer of a special time and place like the blue bell commercials. Where they find themselves caught in the story and remember it later on in the day.

Thank you for being artists-writers; researchers; editors and much more. For all of the hours you think about one sentence or wake up to scribbling dreams on a bedside notepad. I know there is hard work in the lines I say allowed to captivate audiences around the world.

Your industry has morphed into a jack-of-all-trades person with many to please including clients, legal, and account managers. Even with these obstacles you are able to break through with versatility and let your client’s voice shine through.

For anyone that doesn’t believe copy is art doesn’t truly understand writing. Copywriting has a poetic parallel to poetry that has stayed up to date with the modern world.

Copywriter Product Poet Product
Tagline – going straight to the point Haiku – a pretty poem on a small amount of time 5-7-5
Ad Copy – to fall in love with the product Love Sonnet – to fall in love/lust with the poet
Blog Post – having the space to say everything  Free Verse Poem – to say what they want with no rules

It can be easy to get lost in pleasing every person in the room. The ability to implement what someone else is thinking and adding a creative component is frustrating at times. Although situations can be hard, copywriters never give up. They just take a break.

Acknowledgment of evoking all of these amazing experiences under tense circumstances often times goes unrecognized to the writers. Due to this unfairness I wanted to take the moment to praise all that you do.

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