Make Room for Gratitude

On the weekends I often find myself escaping the city to our little abode in Northwest Connecticut. There is nothing better then being out in nature, near water and letting the frenetic energy of the city dissolve for a few days.

Lately, I’ve been taking the train as I find myself in Friday afternoon VO sessions. The train is quite enjoyable. I particularly like seeing a huge billboard as we round the bend to leave Manhattan reading “GRATITUDE.”

Sometimes it takes a billboard to bring you back to what matters most. This starts off the escape to Connecticut in a positive way. When I am there I try my best to enjoy the outdoors.

By being outside I find so much more to be thankful for- including the time I have with my family exploring the world around us. These moments, the ones without glowing screens or city sirens, are the moments where contentment and being present intersect. And for that I am truly grateful.

I could be going on a nature hike and look down to see my son exploring a new rock. His eyes are wide and lit up to this rock that I would have walked by unnoticed.

By having these moments I am able to come back to my microphone in better spirits the next week.

It can be so easy, and particularly in having your own business, to feel like “I need to get more! I need to do more.” From personal experience, I find those two feelings don’t necessarily push me forward in an effective and fluid way. They definitely don’t help my reads in a session.

When I am home feeling frustrated I try to think back to those pleasant moments. They allow me to give thanks for being paid to play, for my family, friends, life and so much more. How do keep gratitude in your life? Tell me on Twitter or Facebook.

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