Owning Your Voice

As a voice over artist I will be the first to say that talking is hard. There is so much you have to be careful with like pronunciations and pauses.

Naturally we all get nervous when people listen to us talk outside of a conversation. Everyone has their own tricks to help them get through speeches and voice overs.

So here are a couple of mine to help you.

In the morning before the day gets started be quiet and listen to the world around you. I try to meditate and truly support it. Mainly, because my mind is racing the rest of the day.

I find that taking the time reveals my inner voice allowing my focus to sharpen. In consequence it increases my productivity.

Just like a fingerprint, each voice is unique to the user. Sure voices can “sound alike”, but the truth of one’s voice is completely unique. It’s not a tone, but rather it’s behind the tone. Maybe you will find something surprising.

Before you read take note of the present. Feel your feet on the earth and how gravity is keeping you there. Become aware of the breath flowing through your body. Take note of your thoughts. Don’t try and change them rather recognize them.

As you become present feel the sensations through your body. Are you sweating or is your heart beating faster?

I had an acting teacher that called his nerves his “dotties.” Instead of judging each emotion he was feeling he allowed the feeling to be.

He said, “It felt like dots pulsating through my body. Rather than suppressing the emotion I use it.”

Understand your physical sensations by using them and not suppressing them.

Think about your point of view on this read and understand it. Most stories people remember are from strong point of views or emotions.

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