Successful Voice Over Tricks While on Vacation

When I first moved to New York I never wanted to leave for a vacation. New York was a vacation in itself. There was so much to get lost in and exciting events to go to. Besides the fun, there was also work to grab quickly. What if I missed an opportunity for a big national network commercial audition or a better job?

There is still lots to do here, but now – thanks to technology – I can land jobs away from the island. With my MacBook, portable equipment and other fun gadgets setting up a portable studio is easy.

When thinking about voice-overs on the go, a portable voice-over booth might seem tempting. These booths have an allure because they include all the bells and whistles. Although it may appear convenient, there are more economical and lighter ways to travel. Trust me, I have tried them all.

For instance, I like tiny closets with lots of clothes.
The acoustics in a place like this is perfect. It prevents your voice from carrying and you can’t hear your voice bouncing of the walls. This is the right room for a VO reading, but they can be uncomfortable for a long recording session, especially since few closets are air conditioned. Some might not have the right closet during a vacation. That is why clamps are your best friends. My saving grace is the Stage Ninja mic that can clamp to anything.

Isn’t that cool? My VO buddy Steve Ket told me about this clamp. He also suggested regular clamps to build the “walls” of a studio booth. Run a string from clamp to clamp then drape a blanket over the string. This creates a closed barrier around you.

Once there is a Stage Ninja and clamps to hold string and blankets together you are in business. It’s ingenious!

Before I found these trusty gadgets I literally traveled everywhere with a ten pound microphone stand. My luggage was always exceeding the 50-pound weight limit. Now, no more overage fees!

If you don’t want to buy the clamps go the old fashion way with throwing a hotel comforter over your head. I have been known for doing this on multiple occasions. This can help buffer sound, but be careful the blanket doesn’t muffle your voice.

I have also created VOs in rental cars. Who would think of such a thing? Most cars are actually perfect acoustics for VO reading. Think about it. They already have noise blocking walls for traffic and the road. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the car con carne podcast, which records every show in a car.

While being able to have all of these cool gadgets to work from anywhere, be advised to take time for you.

When I was in France I recorded three jobs. The jobs allowed for me to pay for the vacation while on vacation. Seems great right?

My Mom said, “How is this a vacation if you are working?” She had a point and I did make sure to have down time. Especially in Paris! Hello, Eiffel Tower!


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